May 26, 2017

AC: birds

spring is such a wonderful time to watch birds

to see them collecting grass
to make nests

enchanted by their songs and calls

we get to wonder about their new born
hey, that is not a bird ;-)

I made a little book for spring birds
their eggs
new life

Thank you Eric for hosting our AC
with the theme:


May 23, 2017

Sharing Cherries

sharing cherries


this paper is fine for sketching
but when a sketch begs to be painted
well the paper is just not satisfying

It buckled and does not let one play with the paints 
to my satisfaction

thought I had learned that lesson


May 17, 2017

Little Thief

little squirrel saw a
ruby necklace
took it for his own

but when the fairy turns him into stone
he might wish he had left it alone
a later thought: 
The little squirrel is only turned to stone for 3 min, but that might seem like a lifetime to a squirrel. We must remember stones are living beings, so not so bad a punishment once one relaxes into it.
I had a little trouble coming up with a story for this one.
For fun, if a story comes to you
share it in the comments


May 12, 2017

Planting Spring Plants

she dug a little hole
and hoped with all her heart
that the little swirly plant
would thrive and be happy in it's new home


This week I planted nine plants
and hoped with all my heart.....

also hoped that the deer and ground squirrels will  not eat them!
Lovely weekend every one!